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The Continuous Response Analysis Wiki is an online resource for researchers working with human listeners' continuous responses to musical stimuli. This wiki catalogues:

Besides the articles presented with standard formatting, explanatory pages for all the details of continuous response collection and interpretation are welcome to be added.

Besides browsing the existing lists, the wiki be searched using the simple search tool in the upper right of the wiki interface, or by taking advantage of the semantic tagging in these forms for more complex searches by using properties or employing the semantic search

Published or publicly accessible articles can be added to the database using the Form: Add Article, with details of the data collected or analysed using the Form: Add DataSet. New methods should be added from links on completed pages or direction using the Form: Add Method, while the measure these analyses can be applied to can be described using Form: Add Measure. Before added pages, please consult the lists of existing pages in each category to avoid duplicates and improve the information presented.

This wiki uses MediaWiki with SemanticWiki to enable a higher order querying. Pages describing measures, methods, and articles should be added using the provided forms to enable automatic linking of information and enriched content through the associated templates.

The material for this wiki has initially being developed within the Music Perception and Cognition Lab by Finn Upham for her Masters thesis with the help of funding from the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. Members of the research community outside of McGill are more than welcome to contribute directly, once the site is more fully developped. Please contact Finn with ideas and recommendations for the construction of this research resource.

Any questions and comments can be sent to Finn directly at finn at nyu dot edu.

--Finn 10:45, 5 April 2012 (EDT)

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