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CRAW, the Continuous Response Analysis Wiki, is a open online resource for researchers and students interested in using continuous response data for research in music and/or cognition.

Continuous response data are time series of self-report or psychophysiological measures of response from a participant or a group of participants to a stimulus as it is presented though time. These traces of experience or perception of music through time have been used in music cognition research for over half a century, however, interpretation of these data is difficult and more discussion is needed to develop common and reliable methods of analysis.

The purpose of this wiki is to help researchers explore the challenges and advantages of working with continuous response data by gather examples of research across multiple disciplines, making it easier to explore the literature through careful documentation of data collected and analyses performed, and share details and insights on how analyses of these data can be and have been performed. New users may want to start with the article database, the list of continuous response measures, or the list of analysis methods. Once familiar with the format of these pages, users are encouraged to make use of the semantic linking used throughout to search according to their interests as well.

This resources is a wiki: users are encouraged to add and edit these pages. As the initial developer of CRAW, I only ask that you make use of the forms provided when adding or working on the four main categories of pages: Articles, DataSets, Measures of response, and Analysis methods. Within these forms is space to add information beyond the fields requested, and any relevant pages that fall outsides of these categories can be worked on "freehand".

The material for this wiki has initially being developed within the Music Perception and Cognition Lab by Finn Upham for her Masters thesis with the help of funding from the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

--Finn 20:27, 13 April 2012 (EDT)

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